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The Town is a virtual community -- a centre for meeting people, exchanging ideas and services, collecting information, and putting down your roots on the web. We have areas and neighbourhoods to meet different needs and purposes: shoot the breeze and make friends in the Downtown core, talk with artists and writers in the Artists' Quarter, discuss current affairs at the Town Herald office, venture into seedier parts like the Back Alley, or just wander around getting your bearings. Like any open community, we have a mix of personalities and ideas and we welcome newcomers.

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The Town is not a game venue per se (although some people do play word games in the Square); these are real people behind the IDs talking about things that interest them.

Our main means of communication is through software called Motet, a kind of linear conferencing software well suited to in depth conversation over time, contributing when it suits you. There's no getting lost in an endless tree of branching threads, because Motet keeps all the posts in a conversation together in a neat group, and keeps track of what you've already seen. It's easy to use too; if you can type and click a mouse, you can use Motet.

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Last Updated:  29 June 2008