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Community Resources

Other Motet-based communities:

Cafe Utne


NeverGiveUp (formerly Alternet Forums) (Guest Access--Part of Utne Communities)


The Fresh Press (RIP)


The information in this section is collected and maintained by {yakfat}.


On-Line Community Resources:

Facilitating and Hosting a Virtual Community

by Nancy White

how to facilitate for a Virtual Community


Online Community Building Concepts

by Gail Ann Williams

a list of principles to consider about attitude and approach to people rather than interface and economics


Online Moderator Guildelines and Community-Building Tips

by Gail Ann Williams, Director of Communities,, home of Table Talk and The WELL.
Adapted from The WELL Host Manual by John Hoag. Copyright 1990,1997,


The Town Posting Guidelines


Disturbing The Peace

posting guidelines used in The Town Herald conference


Conversational Terrorism

things to avoid when posting online


Meatspace Community Resources:

Community Building Resource Exchange

website providing resources and information about innovative community building efforts to revitalize poor neighborhoods


Building Better Communities Network

an information clearinghouse and communication forum dedicated to building inclusive communities and to successfully siting affordable housing and community services


Community Tool Box

over 6,000 pages of practical skill-building information on over 250 different topics including step-by-step instruction, examples, check-lists, and related resources


The Citizen's Handbook

A Guide To Building Community / Charles Dobson / Vancouver Citizen's


Charities and Disaster Relief:

FEMA Recommends

for a complete list of charitable agencies recommended by the US Federal Emergency Management Agency


Disaster Relief

one list of agencies that help in the event of disaster around the world

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