Town Governance

Who does what in the community


The Town is modeled on the early modern city-state, with one addition: a benevolent Pantheon of gods who oversee the community as a whole.

The Pantheon are a small steering group of individuals who among them have over 30 years of experience with virtual communities and online conferencing.  They work together collaboratively to agree the policies and direction of The Town, and to implement changes at the software admin level.  If you need help from the Pantheon, you can contact them through the Oracle topic at the Moot Hall, and someone will endeavour to deal with your request as soon as possible.  If you can't get into The Town, you can e-mail them here.

Members of the Pantheon also participate in the community as individuals under their own IDs.

Day-to-day management of The Town should be handled by Hosts, who form The Town Council, which may discuss management issues in a private space.  Hosts have control over, and responsibility for, their own areas of town (called forums).  Regrettably, not all listed hosts are active at present, a situation we will address in time.  If you need help or have a conference-specific request, the Host is the first person to ask.  If it happens that non of the hosts in the forum are not active, the Patheon is always ready to offer help.

If you would like to host, say so!

.  Hosts have responsibilities to help The Town grow and thrive for everyone, and since they are unpaid volunteers, your support for them is appreciated.  The Town always has room for expansion and potential Hosts who'd like to build their own spaces can click here for more information.

The remainder of the population participate as Citizens, Townspeople and Visitors.




Last Updated: 29 June 2009