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Welcome, Hillside Class of '86!

Yes, you've come to the right place!  This is the place to find out about our 20 Year Reunion and to get back in touch with your old classmates.  It's part of Fiona Bowman's (Class of '85) internet community called The Town. 

Planning for the Class of '86 20 year reunion is now in progress.  As details are firmed up, they'll be published here.

What's on offer here

There are two ways you can use this website, and both are completely free:

    1. General information about the reunion will be published here as it becomes available.  You do not need to register to read the webpages.  You may want to bookmark the site so you can find it again easily.
    2. If you want to catch up and chat with people you haven't spoken to for a while, you can join the Town's main discussion board to post and read messages; there is are private spaces available just for Hillside Grads, as well as the rest of the Town's discussions covering a variety of areas.  You can talk to people from your own class and from the class of 85 as well.  You need to register  to participate in discussions.  Click the Register link on the left to sign up.

      After you register you must e-mail Fiona and tell her the username you picked so she can add you to the exclusive guest list for the Grad house!

Some idea of what people talk about in the Town Grad space

    • So, what have you been doing lately?
    • Photos 20 years ago
    • Photos 10 years ago
    • Photos now
    • Confession: in high school I had a massive crush on...
    • I remember...

Why not join us, or start your own topics?

Privacy policy

We will never give your details to any third party without your express written consent.  You will be able to hide both your real name and your e-mail address from other people in the Town discussions. If you've registered for the discussion board, we may, very occasionally, send you messages about TheTown's online status or new developments.

The Town

If you'd like to know more about the purpose and organisation of the Town, our internet community, the links on the left should answer your questions.  If not, please feel free to e-mail the Pantheon with your query or concern.

We really hope you'll join us in the Town's Hillside Grad space so we can catch up and get your input on this year's reunion!

Note about the website

The Town is currently undergoing a massive urban renewal programme that will lead to the relaunch of a completely new look site in the near future.  Although the site may look different when you come back, your access will not be affected.  We will be launching lots of new features that we hope will make your experience here more useful and fun.

Last Updated: 9 August, 2006