Entering the Town

How you can participate


Entering as a Townsperson

To view and participate in The Town, you must register.  Registration requires a valid e-mail address and is effective immediately.

Before you register

Like most towns, we have a few laws for keeping the community healthy for everyone.  Before you enter The Town, we ask you to read and agree to these terms.  By registering, you signify that you understand them and agree to abide by them, and to be subject to Pantheon's judgment should you be in breach of them

The Town laws are fairly basic:

  • No spam.  If you go around The Town slapping up your advertising posters, or spray-painting your personal slogans everywhere, you'll quickly find your hands tied and your graffiti removed.
  • No stealing.  Stealing is bad.  Anything posted in The Town, whether written or in any other creative form, remains under control of its creator. You may not reproduce it outside this site without specific written agreement from them. 
  • Likewise, no 'outing'.  You may not post information regarding the identity of other people in The Town without their specific written consent, regardless of how obtained.  If they don't chose to leave their phone number or address on the walls, then you certainly can't chose to do it for them.
  • Respect the tone and guidelines of the various places you visit.  Not all areas of The Town are the same; some are pretty much a free-for-all and others may have quite definite requirements as to civility and topicality.  Hosts determine these and are responsible for maintaining them, so pay attention to the welcome message when you enter a new area; it will tell you what is expected in terms of behaviour.
  • Comply with requests from Hosts to take a conflict to the Coliseum.  The Coliseum is the place for extended conflicts and conflict as entertainment.  If Hosts feels a conflict is disrupting their conference, they have the right to ask you to move it to the Coliseum.
  • Take any question, grievance or complaint about any of the above, or any other aspect of how The Town is run, to the Moot Hall for discussion and resolution.  All such questions will be dealt with in the Moot Hall, by the Town Council and if necessary, the Pantheon.

The Pantheon will make every attempt possible to resolve conflicts and grievances to the satisfaction of everyone involved.  However, The Town is a privately owned and operated site, and we reserve the right to remove inapproprate content, or restrict access for individuals if the Pantheon determines it to be in the best interests of the Town.

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Last Updated: 29 June 2009