The Pantheon & Town Council

Who's on them


The Pantheon

The members of the Pantheon undertake the following:

  • only to use their admin IDs for actions requiring admin access to the software, or for the judgement process
  • not to take unilateral action, but to discuss any significant issues and changes and come to agreement regarding the best interest of The Town as a whole
  • not to abuse their admin powers

The current members of the Pantheon are: {hecate} {hera} {themorrigan}

The Town Council

The Council consists of the Hosts of all conferences.  Hosts have the following responsibilities:

  • determining and maintaining the tone of their conference, and making any requirements for that clear using banners and headers/footers
  • fostering conversation by seeding topics, beginning discussions, encouraging contributions, and extending invitations to participate
  • welcoming newbies and providing help
  • compiling and maintaining a list of conference-relevant information sources in the form of links, books, references, etc

If you're interested in hosting a conference yourself, click here for more information.



Last Updated: 29 June 2009