Town Population

How people fit in


Most of the population of The Town consists of Citizens (members) and Townspeople (users).

Citizens are individuals who have chosen actively to support The Town's development, either through paying voluntary taxes, or by contributing time and effort in lieu of taxes.  Citizens are entitled to certain extra benefits as a thank you for their support: they may sit on a jury if a judgement is called for; they may set up their own commercial stall in the Marketplace; have a blog and/or an image gallery hosted at the Town; they may open their own private or public conference; and they can have a real influence in the Town's development by joining the Masonic Hall.  If you'd like to support the community as a Citizen, please click here.

Townspeople are users of the community who have the same rights to access and participation as Citizens, with the exception of the extra benefits.  Townspeople can voice their concerns, argue their case and be heard in the Moot Hall the same as Citizens, and participate fully in any public areas, or private areas to which they have been admitted, the same as Citizens. 


Last Updated: June 30, 2006