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What it's for and how it differs


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If you're familiar with other Motet sites, or indeed online communities of any kind, you're aware of how different they can be.  While one might resemble a sprawling west coast city with a diverse and vocal population, another might be a friendly little backwater where everyone knows each other and there's a No Visitors sign at the village entrance.  Still another might be like a Wild West frontier outpost where ordinary folk live in an uneasy peace with outlaws and rebels.

The Town is none of these.  The Town is based on the concept of a European city-state, with a thriving town square, townsfolk mingling with merchants and travellers, scholars and philosophers in their colleges and artisans in their workshops, loudly spoken discussions on every street corner and friendly rivalries in each cafe with plenty of arm-waving and shrugging of shoulders.  There are a few strange and unsavory creatures lurking here and there and the occasional brawl, which the Council will quickly try to clear to the Coliseum.

Although The Town is privately owned, and therefore cannot be entirely governed by its inhabitants, we recognise their concerns and ideas and provide a Moot Hall where concerned people can voice their thoughts and be heard.


The Town's purpose is to connect people and to promote the exchange of ideas and information and related services. Conversation is a big part of this, but not the only one.  Hosts are responsible for collecting and collating information relevant to their conferences in the form of links, books, and other resources, all of which are available through webpages linked to the conference.  We also want to encourage the business aspirations of our Citizens, so the Marketplace gives them the opportunity to set out their stall and use it for discussing and promoting their business.



The Town is divided into different areas for different interestsDowntown is the area for conferences based on general socializing, entertainment, and leisure, while West End is focused on the performing arts, including TV, theatre, and film.  The Arts Quarter is where writers, photographers, artisans and artists, as well as those interested in the Arts in general can get together.  The Sciences Quarter is for focused discussions on IT, technology, health, ecology and other science topics.  The Social Sciences Quarter has conferences for talking about politics, current affairs, culture, and community.  The Home Quarter is where we put down roots with personal home topics in The Avenue, share recipes in the Food Court, and discuss beliefs in the Spiritual Centre.   The Marketplace is for business, finance and commercial topics.  And the Outskirts is an undefined and unpatrolled area; the Coliseum is there for viewing the severed limbs and blood on the sand when inhabitants just can't settle their differences any other way.   Valley is a special area of Town where Special Interest Groups (SIGs) set up their own private 'villages' tailored to their needs.

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Last Updated: November 13, 2005