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Statistics & Facts

Private, UN, and government sources of compiled information.


The information in this section is collected and maintained by {yakfat}.



Annenberg Political Fact Check

website devoted to verifying the factual accuracy of political statements (USA)

most recent UK census results (UK)

CIA World Factbook

website with links to facts published by the US Central Intelligence Agency (USA)

Energy Bulletin
clearinghouse for information on global energy supply (US)

Fallacy Files

website explaining logical fallacies, such as "Ad Hominem" arguments [Argumentum ad hominem] (USA)


website devoted to legal information for internet and technology professionals (USA)


gateway site to see recent legislative votes. You can do keyword searches, track legislation ...

IBM Research

website devoted to IBM research initiatives (USA)

International Reform Monitor

website devoted to social reform (Switzerland)

National Agricultural Statistics Service
official U.S. agricultural statistics (USA)

National Archives, The

recent amalgamation of the Public Records Office and the Historical Manuscripts Commission; includes records of central government and law courts from the 11th century to date (UK)

National Statistics Online
official UK government statistics office (UK)

On the Issues

US political leaders' and candidates' positions on issues, in many cases down to the state and local levels (USA)

Follow the Money --  website of the Center for Responsive Politics (USA)



Political Graveyard, The

US political biography, including locations of graves of political figures (USA)

Project Vote Smart

US political leaders' positions on the issues and how they actually voted (USA)


website of the US Library of Congress with searchable databases of US legislative activities past and present (USA)

Transparency International

website of Transparency International containing a database of corruption and governance (Germany)

UN cartographic section

maps and geographic information resources (International)

UN documentation centre
official documents system of the United Nations (International)

UN Treaty Collection
United Nations Treaties (International)


United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (International)

University of Michigan documents center

statistical resources: foreign and international economics (USA)

US Census Bureau

website of the US Census Bureau (USA)

US Constitution

website devoted to the text of the US Constitution (USA)

US Department of Justice statistics

website devoted to statistics provided by the US Department of Justice (USA)

US Public Records searches

links to free public record databases on the Internet (USA)


World Health Organization Statistical Information System (International)


Last Updated: April 29, 2005