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What types of writing are you submitting for publication? Poetry? Prose? Technical Writing? Academic Writing? Advertising? Movie Scripts?

Who are you submitting it to and how?  If you know of any good links to add, let us know!  


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Ralan's Webstravaganza

source for submissions information

Literary Magazines

A list of poetry literary magazines

OpEd at the Washington Post

Email Articles to the OpEd page of the Washington Post: oped@washpost.com


Life Is Short|Autobiography as Haiku

Find a way to give insight into your life in under 100 words. Authors of selected entries will be notified and paid $100. Send text (accompanied by a home phone number) via e-mail (lifeisshort@washpost.com), fax (202-334-5587) or mail (Style, Life Is Short, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071).

Story House Coffee

to submit art, a story, a letter, an article, or anything you think might be suitable for publication on our coffee labels


Poetry Contests

A list of poetry contests, by month

More Poetry Contests

more poetry contests

Poetry Submissions by e-mail

a list of 238 poetry editors, willing to accept email

Annual Poetry Conference

an annual poetry conference in pennsylvania

Great River Arts Institute

creative writing programs 2005

Iowa Summer Writing Festival

extensive programs--open to writers 18 and over - no requirements beyond the desire to write

StoneCoast (Maine) Summer Writers' Conference

Twenty-Sixth Annual Stonecoast Summer Writers' Conference
July 22 - July 31 , 2005


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