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Archives For Photographic Inspirations and the Ten Word Exercise

archival links to writing exercise topics that change periodically

Conferences, Submission and Contests

links to sources for writers' conferences and information on submitting your writing for publication

Writing Techniques and Exercises

links to sites explaining techniques and/or containing practice exercises.

Fun Stuff

Goofy things (or maybe Daffy, or Micky)



Rhetorical Devices

definitions and examples of more than sixty traditional rhetorical devices, all of which can still be useful today to improve the effectiveness, clarity, and enjoyment of your writing

Writers Conferences

The Guide to Writers Conferences & Workshops

Voices and Visions

A video instructional series on American poetry for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 13 one-hour video programs and coordinated books; also available on CD-ROM

The lives and works of 13 renowned American poets are interpreted through dramatic readings, archival photographs, dance, performances, and interviews in this inspiring series.

Poetry Daily

An anthology of contemporary poetry which each day brings you a new poem from books, magazines and journals currently in print.


type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.

Poem Hunter

search for a poet or a poem.

Weird Words Index

the word weird in this section is interpreted broadly to mean words that refer to obscure or outlandish subjects, are in themselves rare, or which look odd.

Self publishing

here you'll find information about self-publishing, resources for self-publishers, articles, advice and discussion.

A Celebration of Women Writers

everything you want to know about women who write. If you know something they don't--contribute!


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