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Guidelines For Images

Uploading Pictures and Images in Motet

Motet's attachment feature allows you to attach a file to your post so you can share it with others.

Note that when you use attachment, the file will be stored with the post itself and not in a central location, so if you post it in a private space and then attempt to link to it elsewhere, only users who have access to the original post will be able to access the attached file.

The Attachment feature will not be available in all conferences, only in ones where the sharing of files, particularly images, is an important part of interaction, such as in visual arts conversations.

In other conferences, you can still create links to files stored elsewhere and use the html capabilities of Motet and the <img src> tag to display linked images in posts.

If you intend to use the attachment feature for images, please READ THE GUIDELINES and RESTRICTIONS for images (below) before proceeding.

Directly posting your picture/image in Conferences with the Attachment feature.


The information in this section is collected and maintained by {yakfat}.


Guidelines and Restrictions

Notes about appropriate images.

Please note that our webhost does not allow us to engage in any of the following:

o            Pornography, incitement of

        racial hatred, or in general

        anything against UK law

o            Distribution of copyrighted

        material you do not

        have rights to - e.g.

        graphics, MP3s, warez -

        or trademark infringement.

o           Spamming, directly or


Do not post images that might contravene any of these restrictions.

If you do, The Town Council and Pantheon will delete your post, place you on observer status and take you directly to judgment in the Moot Hall.  Your right to freedom of expression does not extend to the right to risk the existence of the Town as a whole.



Displaying Your Image in the Same Post

To display the picture you're attaching in the same post you attach it to, you need to post in HTML format (the right button above your posting box) and use the IMAGE tag to tell browsers to display the picture.

You write the tag like this:

<img src="download.cgi/ConferenceName.TopicNumber.PostNumber/ filename.fileextension">


<img src="download.cgi/Outskirts.Practice.5.59/isko_senecavalley.JPG"> is a reference to the showjumping image posted in {Outskirts.Practice.5.59}.  But it's not displaying here, because we're not using HTML format for this post.

Here, 'img' means 'image' and 'src' means 'source'. The part between quotation marks is telling the browser where to find the image, hence its reference to the place where you are about to upload your own picture.

To do it all in one post, you can write the html post with the <img> tag in it referencing the post you're writing, and attach the file to it. Just watch out that if you get that warning that someone slipped in before you, you adjust the reference to the new post number you're going to have.

If you've done your src (source) reference right, the picture will upload and display all in the one post. If not, check the syntax of the tag for missing punctuation, spelling, etc. Also watch for capital letters in the filename; on the web Photo.jpg is different from photo.jpg. It has to be exactly right.

When you do it this way, you won't see the picture when you preview your post, because the post you're linking to doesn't exist yet. It's only when you post it up there that browsers are able to follow the image source reference to find the picture.


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