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The Town's purpose is to connect people and to promote the exchange of ideas and information and related services. Conversation is a big part of this, but not the only one.  Hosts are responsible for collecting and collating information relevant to their conferences in the form of links, books, and other resources, all of which are available through this section of the website, and accessible from inside the Town's conferences.  Each conference has a topic devoted to links and resources, where townsfolk can make recommendations and highlight recent discoveries.

This section of our website is a continual work in progress.  Pages will be added and updated frequently as hosts and other posters add input to the resource topics in their conferences.  If you have any suggestions for additions to this part of the website, please feel free to e-mail the person whose name appears in each of their relevant conference pages.


Textile Studio   (Arts Quarter)

quilting, dyeing, spinning, weaving, knitting, stitching...


Artists Loft   (Arts Quarter)

art, design, crafts and creativity

Writers Circle   (Arts Quarter)

share your writing and talk about the writer's craft


Castle (Home Quarter)

under development


Food Court  (Home Quarter)

food, glorious food


Spiritual Centre  (Home Quarter)

the art of relationship with the universe


Work House  (Commercial District)

personal finance, working, and running a business


Repair Shack  (Downtown)

electrickery, technogadgetry and help with things mechanical


Library (Downtown)

under development


West End (The Entertainment District)

devoted to the performing arts


Gaia House (Scientific Quarter)

under development


Health Centre (Scientific Quarter)

under development


Town Herald  (Social Sciences Quarter)

news, current affairs and politics


Community Centre  (Social Sciences Quarter)

sharing the commons


Coliseum  (Outskirts)

severed limbs and blood on the sand


Last Updated: August 30, 2005