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The Repair Shack is a place to talk about all kinds of equipment, both electronic and mechanical, from mp3 players to motorcycles, DVDs to dishwashers, phones to Ferraris, PCs to plumbing.


If it's got working parts and it sometimes goes wrong, the Repair Shack is the place to rant or rave, recommend, or ask for help in fixing it.


For help with Viruses and/or Spyware, click here.

Interested in Mozilla's Firefox?


The information in this section is collected and maintained by {yakfat}.



HTML Goodies

If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start


the web developer's resource.  Great source for cheatsheets, special characters, etc.

This is an excellent tool for choosing colour schemes:

Once you've got your colours right, it will give you the colour codes to put into your host pages.

Or, use this list of web-safe colour swatches with their codes beside them:

This is a great one for choosing and customizing background textures that are free to use:

An easy way to generate your own 'logos' for banners, etc:

If you need to start at the very beginning, this is a good place:



All About Images


Posting Images

guidelines and help with posting images in Motet conferences

Resizing Images

some helpful information on how to re-size pictures. The first part is aimed at e-mailing pictures but as you scroll down it addresses other aspects of re-sizing.  Good for both PC and Mac.

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